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NetGuardian 216 SMS: Report Alarms to phones and Text Message Receivers

NetGuardian 216 SMS front panel
The NetGuardian 216 SMS uses text message technology to transmit SNMP traps to your SNMP manager, or to your cellular device as alarms become active.

Receive text message alarms via GSM/CDMA

NetGuardian 216 SMS application drawing
In the diagram above, the NetGuardian 216 SMS is sending direct SMS text messages to a cell phone. It is also transmitting specially encoded messages to an SMS Receiver. The SMS Receiver can accept text messages from many NetGuardians, then transmits them via DCP or SNMP to your SNMP manager. This approach gets rid of the need for third-party data providers or to open your firewall to potential security threats.

With SMS, you can send realtime alerts to your technicians, warning them of potential service outages, or any other danger to reliable up-time. If your site doesn't currently have a mode of communication, or simply needs a mode of backup communication, the NetGuardian 216 SMS is an affordable option for monitoring remote sites.

The NetGuardian 216 SMS supports both CDMA and GSM, allowing you to bring your own SIM card with a real phone number and get notified of alarms right away. Paired with the SMS Receiver, you can send your SNMP Traps to your master station. The SMS Receiver is a flexible device that can accept both CDMA and GSM connections natively.

If you're looking for a backup communication method in case of LAN failure, the NetGuardian 216 SMS can switch to use SMS from LAN and is a great addition to your network monitoring system. With this intelligent switching, you also don't have to worry about duplicate or nuisance alarms. It's an effective way to stay in the know of what's going on at your remote sites.

An affordable option to monitor sites in your network

  • Wireless CDMA/GSM - Report alarms via SMS (plans starting at $2.35 per month), either direct to your mobile phone or to your alarm master via the SMS Receiver.
  • Right-size capacity for small sites: 16 discrete alarms, 2-8 analog inputs, 2 controls and 1 terminal server port.
  • No third-party data services required.
  • Reports alarms to your phone, any SNMP manager, or the T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System.
  • Build options include back panel cellular modem, serial port, or POTS modem.
  • Reports to a lot of SNMP managers - great for reporting alarms to different departments.
  • 4-threshold analog monitoring (Major Over, Minor Over, Minor Under and Major Under).
  • Terminal server port for LAN access to switches, routers, PBXs and other serial-interface devices.
  • Intuitive Web Interface GUI (via LAN).
  • Automated 24/7 Email Alerts via LAN.
  • Alarm alert messages (SMS) to your cell phone.
  • Logs Local Events, so you can track trends and locate recurring network problems.
  • Optional dual -48 VDC or 110 VAC power input.
  • Compact rack mount form factor .
  • Security: Encrypted SMS messages between the NetGuardian 216 and SMS receiver, without any IP routing involved.
  • Will only send reports when alarms occur; however, keep alive, or "heartbeat", messages can be configured.
  • Comes with single rack ear (2nd Ear optional, recommended)
  • Free lifetime firmware upgrades.
  • Windows-based configuration backup utility: Stores and restores all your configuration files for mass re-loading.
  • Optional POTS modem supplies alternate path reporting to pagers & T/MON.
Configuration Backup

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