NetGuardian 216 SMS: Report alarms using SMS messages to phones and SNMP managers

NetGuardian 216 SMS front panel
The NetGuardian 216 SMS uses text message technology to transmit SNMP traps to your SNMP manager - or to send direct SMS messages to your cell phone.

Transmit alarms via GSM/CDMA without opening an IP hole in your network or paying a third-party data provider.

NetGuardian 216 SMS application drawing
In the diagram above, the NetGuardian 216 SMS is sending direct SMS text messages to a cell phone. It is also transmitting specially encoded text messages to a SMS Receiver. The SMS Receiver will accept text messages from many NetGuardians. Then transmits them via SNMP over LAN to your SNMP manager. This approach gets rid of the need for third-party data providers or to "punch a hole" in your firewall.

The NetGuardian 216 SMS makes it cost-effective to monitor sites in your network that don't have available transport - or that need a backup transport channel.

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