Standard LAN/WAN connectivity for cost-effective transport

Wall-mount NetGuardian 216
Is space at a premium at your remote site? Save rack space for revenue-generating equipment with the wall-mount NetGuardian 216

The NG 216's standard LAN/WAN connectivity produces several cost advantages over traditional transport:

  • Use your existing LAN/WAN infrastructure.
  • No recurring monthly costs for a phone line or cell transceiver.
  • Don't carve up revenue-generating bandwidth for a dedicated circuit.
  • Get more bandwidth with LAN than you would with traditional transport.

Monitor small sites without compromises

Light capacity doesn't mean light on features or on quality. The NetGuardian 216 is a scaled-down version of the popular NetGuardian 832A, and includes features you usually find only on complex, high capacity remotes.

  • Support for SNMP, TL1 and T/Mon: The NG 216 reports to any SNMP manager or TL1 master, and the T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System.
  • Report to 2 SNMP mangers: The NG 216 can report to two different SNMP managers at different IP addresses - a great feature if you need to send alarms to different departments.
  • Mini-terminal server: The NetGuardian 216 acts as a one-port terminal server, giving you convenient LAN access to a switch, router, PBX, or other equipment.
  • Four-threshold analog monitoring: The NetGuardian 216's analog inputs feature four separate thresholds for each analog channel (major over, minor over, minor under, and major under), giving you the best visibility of battery levels, temperature, humidity, and other variables.
  • Real-time clock: The NetGuardian 216's internal clock ensures accurate date/time stamping of alarms and SNMP traps.
  • Downloadable firmware updates: Your NetGuardian 216 will always have the latest features and improvements. When new firmware is available, you can download it from the DPS website - free.

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