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Ron Stover, DPS Telecom's Director of Sales
Ron Stover
DPS Telecom
Director of Sales

Evaluating network equipment vendors is not fun.

Searching for the vendor who can actually solve your problem, ferreting out information on the Internet, wading through spec sheets - nobody does this stuff for the thrill of it. You only go to this much trouble to solve problems that affect critical business operations. Anything that can help you find a solution faster will actually add value to your business.

To help you get to the right alarm monitoring solution for you - and to get to that solution as quickly as possible - DPS Telecom offers live Web demonstrations of T/Mon NOC, T/Mon SLIM, NetGuardian RTUs and other DPS alarm monitoring solutions.

A DPS live Web demo is the quickest and most effective way to get fast answers to your alarm monitoring questions. You'll get unbiased information about what criteria you should use to evaluate any alarm system from any vendor. You'll quickly see the advantages and benefits you can get from DPS equipment. You're free to ask any questions you need, and you'll get immediate, straightforward answers.

A DPS Web demo is also your chance to bring senior managers and stakeholders to the table early, speeding up your getting approval for the network alarm monitoring equipment you need.

A consultation process that puts you in charge

The live Web demo is just part of DPS Telecom's overall design consultation process, which is dedicated to putting your needs first. Ron Stover, DPS Telecom's Director of Sales, says that his primary goal is to make sure that you have the right alarm monitoring solution to meet your needs - and if that means a smaller sale, that's OK with Mock.

"A lot of the time we propose solutions that have a smaller sales volume, if it's the right solution for the client," said Mock.

"That goes back to the DPS philosophy of creating complete client satisfaction. We customize our solutions to make it the right fit without the client having to buy a lot of extraneous hardware and software. We want to make sure you have an alarm system that will meet your current needs, and will also support your network for years to come.

"The bottom line is, if you're not 100% happy with the solution we've provided, we've done something wrong. My personal promise is that when you order from DPS, you'll get the exact solution you're looking for, or you'll get your money back," said Mock.

DPS Telecom Web demonstration image
Mock uses live Web demonstrations to show clients the nuts and bolts of alarm monitoring technology.

Listening to you and speaking clearly to your needs

DPS's design consultancy process works because there's full communication between DPS and its clients, said Mock.

"Our first commitment is to listen. We don't rush the client, we don't recommend solutions until we have a good understanding of the client's requirements and ultimate goal," said Mock.

The other side of the consultation is DPS Telecom communicating fully and honestly with the client. "For any business, a network alarm monitoring system is a major investment, said Mock. "We don't expect you to take anything just on our say-so. For every solution we propose, we explain how it's going to take you from where to are right now to your desired result, and we detail the nuts and bolts of how it's going to work in your network."

Presenting full information, quickly and conveniently

The DPS live Web demo simplifies communication by providing information that would take days to collect on your own in just half an hour. Instead of your having to sift through all of DPS Telecom's product literature and website, a DPS Sales Engineer can quickly determine what DPS equipment might be right for you and prepare a custom demonstration.

Using a shared Web browser connection and a conference call, Mock can explain the essentials of a proposed solution to you and any number of your coworkers simultaneously. The Web demo has all the advantages of a personal site visit, without the inconvenience or using up too much of your time.

"Essentially, we've condensed a presentation that would take three hours in person into just 46 very high impact slides, in a presentation that takes just 29 minutes," said Mock.

The Web demo is a convenient, no-pressure way for the client to get a very personalized demonstration of the proposed alarm monitoring solution that covers both the broad application and the fine technical details.

Live Web demo advantages

Mock said there are many advantages to using the Live Web demo system:

Products covered in the live Web demo

Live Web demos usually focus on DPS Telecom's flagship products: T/Mon NOC, T/Mon SLIM and the NetGuardian family of remotes. But if you need specialized alarm units, protocol mediation or custom engineering, those topics can be covered in a live Web demo as well.

The Web demo focuses on each product's core benefits and how they relate to your business:


T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System


T/Mon SLIM Remote Alarm Monitoring System

NetGuardian 832A

NetGuardian 832A Remote Telemetry Unit

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