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Facility Management Solutions to Control Remote Site Access and Security

Our facility management tools allow you to monitor the physical security of your remote sites through the same platform you use to monitor your remote site equipment. Our systems support keyless entry, site access logs, video surveillance, and notification of breaches of site security.

Critical Alarm Enunciator

Critical Alarm Enunciator (CAE)

The Critical Alarm Enunciator is a local alarm notification device that monitors four discrete alarms and two battery plant low voltage alarms. The CAE receives alarm input from monitored devices, provides audiovisual notification to local personnel, and then relays alarms to your existing alarm collection equipment.

Building Access System

Building Access System (BAS)

The Building Access System is a comprehensive building management system that integrates into an existing alarm management platform. With the system in place, a log of all site access, including the time of day and location that access was granted, is maintained. The BAS is the perfect add-on for our KDA and NetGuardian products.

General LCD Display

General LCD Display (GLD)

The GLD is a small wall-mounted remote terminal for the NetGuardian. The LCD display shows system status and alarm messages, and the built-in speaker gives an audible notice of alarms. Up to 12 GLDs can be daisy-chained off the NetGuardian. (NetGuardian with optional RS-485 port required.)

NetGuardian SiteCAM - Visual Site Monitoring

NetGuardian SiteCAM - Visual Site Monitoring

The NetGuardian SiteCAM provides streaming video security surveillance of remote sites. The SiteCAM connects to either the NetGuardian's integrated 10BaseT hub or a separate 100BaseT hub. SiteCAM video can be accessed directly from the NetGuardian's Web Browser interface. Up to four cameras can be supported.

Building Access Unit

Building Access Unit (BAU)

The Building Access Unit is designed to mount inside the door of a remote building to validate a legal entry. The primary benefit of this unit is to reduce nuisance door alarms. It features a keypad, visual and audible indicators.