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Top 5 Technologies from the DPS Overview Slideshow

by Mac Smith

As a DPS client, you may have already participated in an online slideshow. You'll commonly sign up for one before you decide to invest in a new monitoring technology. It's a good way for your whole team to see application diagrams, hear from an engineer, and ask questions.

Many of our slideshows are detailed discussions of a single product or technology, but one is the "Product Line Overview" presentation. This is a broad overview of all DPS equipment. Setting up an appointment and going through the actual slideshow is best, but it is possible to show you some of the highlights right here.

Here are the Top 5 most popular slides from our "DPS Product Overview" online presentation:

  1. SNMP via Wireless SMS (GSM/CDMA)

    NetGuardian 216 SMS using GSM/CDMA to send wireless SNMP traps to an SNMP Manager or T/Mon master station
    In the diagram above, the NetGuardian 216 SMS is sending direct SMS text messages to a cell phone. It is also transmitting specially encoded text messages to a SMS Receiver. The SMS Receiver will accept text messages from many NetGuardians, then transmit them via SNMP over LAN to your SNMP manager. This approach eliminates the need for third-party data providers or to "punch a hole" in your firewall.
    See full details & specs...
  2. Smartphone web interface for T/Mon

    Mobile web browser for Android, iPhone iOS, and other smartphones - allows access to T/Mon alarm data remotely
    The T/Mon LNX alarm management platform allows you to conveniently manage network alarms right from your BlackBerry(R) smartphone, Android(R)-based smartphone, or iPhone(R). The new T/Mon Mobile Web interface displays standing/COS alarms across your network and allows you to acknowledge alarms or view alarm details while you're on the go, without booting up your laptop. Now, when you receive an alarm notification, you can log directly into the web interface from your smartphone and tap on your alarms to view detailed alarm information.
    Watch 4-minute demo video...
  3. Trunked radio monitoring

    Monitoring of forward and reflected voltage for 2-way radio (push-to-talk) systems - commonly used by police, fire, and military
    No matter which industry you're in, working without radio communications puts you at a disadvantage. Whether your goals are to deliver 99.999% uptime to your customers or have a quick response during emergencies, having your communications go dark is always expensive & sometimes even deadly. In this configuration, whenever the Push-to-Talk (PTT) button is pressed, a contact closure will latch. The transmission voltages are then monitored. If these values cross upper or lower thresholds, an SNMP trap will be sent to your SNMP manager.
    See full details & specs...
  4. Propane/Diesel fuel tank level monitoring (wired or wireless sensors)

    Analog gauges and trending graphs displaying the real-time and historical values for analog sensors - including temperature, humidity, tank levels, etc.
    Analog gauges provide clear, intuitive status information from your remote-site sensors. Trended graphs allow you to review temperature, humidity, and battery voltages over time. These display formats are now available on the web interfaces of several RTU and master station platforms.
    Watch video demo (4:04)...
  5. Modular RTUs with interchangeable cards

    Modular RTUs that accept many interchangeable inteface cards - Allows for customization and field modifications
    Have you ever wanted an RTU you could use across all your sites but that had customizable expandability and flexibility at each site? That's precisely why this product was designed: to offer you mix-and-match capability for optimum customization. With this RTU you're able to install whichever user-swappable cards you would like to create the exact functionality you want out of your RTU. How's that for a perfect fit solution?
    See full specifications and expansion cards...