A SCADA Point is a core component of a SCADA monitoring system.

A SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) point is a data object within a dispersed database in a SCADA system.

A dispersed, or tag, database contains points which refer to single input or output values. Each of these is monitored by the SCADA system. SCADA systems equipped with control relays can also control these input and output value points.

A SCADA HMI, also referred to as a SCADA Master, can provide a number of helpful extensions for network alarm management. RTU data can be filtered, analyzed and monitored against operational standards.

SCADA Points Classified as "Hard" or "Soft"

These points fall into two groups. A SCADA point can be classified as a "hard" point or a "soft" point. Hard points denote actual inputs or outputs joined to the SCADA system. A soft point represents results from math and logic actions. For example, you might want an alarm when the generator is off AND power is off.

A system will normally store SCADA point values as a combo of two things. It will store the value and a NOW timestamp. When looking at logs, network staff can then view a log of that individual point.

SCADA Point Histories Can Pinpoint Problems With Individual Network Devices

Looking at a SCADA point log can be helpful to staff when monitoring their network in great detail. These SCADA point logs can alert staff when they may be experiencing a recurring problem. This might be with only a single input or output device. This alert allows them to make the needed changes to keep their network working at maximum efficiency.

Want to Learn More about SCADA?

The SCADA Tutorial White Paper from DPS Telecom is a Great Place to Start. DPS Telecom has decades of experience with remote monitoring gear. This expertise has been condensed and assembled into the SCADA Tutorial white paper. It's a great introduction to SCADA concepts. In just a few minutes, you'll learn tricks of the trade from seasoned DPS professionals.

Download the free SCADA Tutorial Here.

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